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Hello beautiful friends, after a push from you to share my passion, this is were we have ended up. I’m super excited for me and you. From a kid, I had a huge fascination for food. I could not help but get involved with dad and grandpa to cure olives. So a recipe has been handed down from grandfather to son over 4 generations with flavours from the island of Rhodes in Greece. Our olives have a unique flavour that leaves your mouth watering. The buttery, velvety texture that lathers your tongue is a magical blend that’s best served with equal portions of brine and our EV CO Olive Oil. Do not waste a drop, dip in some crusty bread. Our exclusive restaurant blend is inspired by our travels and heritage through Greece, Spain and Italy. At the table we enjoy the olives made by family however when dining out we are presented with an array of gorgeous olives, juicy, plump, vibrant in colour, packed with flavour and nutrients. You are now able to share this restaurant experience with friends and family.  Jumbo, Ligurian, Blonde Kalamon, Manzanilla, black Kalamata. A blend of certified organic South Australian olives grown by Andrew and Zac at Verdale Olive Estate in two wells, here in SA. The olives are perfect on their own or the star attraction on your next charcuterie board. Share this with everyone, life is too short to keep secrets.

From our table to yours, enjoy, filakia xx

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