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Exclusive Restaurant Blend inspired by travels and heritage through Greece, Spain and Italy. At the home we enjoy olives made by family, when dining out we are presented with an array of gorgeous olives. Jumbo, Ligurian, blonde Kalamon, Manzanilla, black Kalamata, Wild From our table to yours, enjoy, filakia x

Welcome to the exquisite world of our Exclusive Restaurant Blend, a caterers companion. A luxurious assortment of 100% South Australian olives that are sure to elevate any dish to new heights.

Our olives are sourced exclusively from the sun-drenched orchards of South Australia, where they are carefully nurtured to perfection. Each olive is certified organic, ensuring that only the finest quality produce makes its way into our exclusive blend.

This 10kg offering includes a divine mix of  Jumbo Kalamata, Ligurian, Blonde Kalamon, Manzanilla, Black Kalamata, Wild, each hand-selected for their unrivalled flavour and texture. The result is a combination that’s perfect for discerning palates, ideal for use in both classic and innovative recipes.

Our olives are accompanied by a delicate premium brine to preserve their original flavours and fragrances. This addition makes our 10kg exclusive restaurant blend, the ultimate choice for chefs, caterers, and home cooks alike.

Whether you’re creating a delicious tapenade, enhancing a savoury salad, or garnishing a gourmet pizza, our olives are the perfect centrepiece for any culinary creation. Being vegan and gluten free, you can indulge in the rich taste and texture of our olives guilt-free.

With the 10kg exclusive restaurant blend, you’ll have everything you need to impress even the most discerning of diners. Elevate your dishes to new heights with the indulgent flavours of our 100% Australian, 100% South Australian olives.

No artificial flavours, no artificial colour enhances, no hardening agents, no artificial preservatives. From our table to yours. Share this with friends and family, life is too short to keep secrets. Xx

Refrigerate after opening and consume within 4 weeks.
Ingredients: Olive varieties: Jumbo, Ligurian, Blonde Kalamon, Manzanilla, Black Kalamata, Wild. Maximum of any 5 varieties – depending on availability. Salt, vinegar, olive oil – water added.
100% South Australian grown olives. Manufactured at Verdale Olive Estate, 27 Bailey Road, Two Wells, SA 5501 for O’live You.


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